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Leaf lettuce

Frillice leaf lettuce is grown at the greenhouse complex Kruglyj God.

This crop is extremely demanding on growing conditions. Any even minor deviations from the technology can have a remediless effect on the plants.

It is a high quality dietary product. For its cultivation, the company uses a fully automated line. Currently, there are no analogues of such a line in Russia.

The remarkable thing is that the lettuce of this variety is an extremely demanding crop and maintaining the consistent high quality of this product is an important achievement of the agronomists of the greenhouse complex Kruglyj God.

The lettuce is packaged directly at the greenhouse complex. Daily the company ships 15000 packs of the freshest Frillice lettuce.

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Currently at the greenhouse complex Kruglyj God, we grow 3 varieties of cucumbers that satisfy the taste needs of different groups of consumers: medium-fruited pimpled, long-fruited and high-yielding hybrid Meva.

Ecological properties of the cucumbers grown in the greenhouse complex Kruglyj God are the distinctive feature of our cucumbers.

There is a 3-month turnaround cycle at the enterprise, at the end of which we carry out not only complete cleaning of the greenhouse blocks from plants, but also from the applied substrate, followed by the complex disinfection. We completely abandoned interplanting as a technology that would allow us to organize a continuous production cycle in favor of improved product quality characteristics and increase of efficiency of biological methods of plant protection.

Category – fresh vegetables

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Greenhouse complex Kruglyj God has the greatest experience in tomato cultivation with supplementary lighting in comparison with other enterprises located in similar light zones. The level of technical equipment of the greenhouse complex (complete automation of the all systems control by means of a climate computer) made it possible to obtain high yields with excellent quality indicators.

Currently, a pink cocktail tomato of the Tatami variety is cultivated in our greenhouses.

The peculiarity of the geographic location of the greenhouse complex (3 hours from the target consumer) made it possible to organize a minimum supply chain. For today, tomatoes of the morning harvest arrive at the warehouses of distribution centers of retail outlets by the evening. Residents of St. Petersburg and the surrounding regions have the opportunity to buy the freshest organic vegetables every day throughout the year.

Category – fresh vegetables