Kruglyj God, LLC is a high-tech greenhouse complex specializing in year-round vegetable and lettuce production.

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Our greenhouse complex is 7,01 ha of high-tech greenhouses, where cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce are cultivated year round. Currently he production capacity of the enterprise is 6 998 tons of vegetables and lettuce annually.

The greenhouse complex is located in Pikalevo town, 200 km away from St. Petersburg.

The company is unique in its kind

During the creation of the complex, the successful experience of colleagues from Western countries was taken into account. As a result, the Dutch constructional engineering was adopted as the most energy-efficient structure, and the vegetables growing technology is based on the experience of Finnish growers.

Applied technologies

Two cucumber greenhouses with an area of 1 ha are equipped with supplementary lighting systems 280 W/m2 (including supplementary lighting in cenosis 120 W/m2 and upper supplementary lighting 160 W/m2), tomato greenhouse with an area of 0,9 ha equipped with a low-power supplementary lighting system - 120 W/m2, allows to achieve high yields by changing the position of the lamps as the plants grow. The greenhouse for lettuce cultivation is equipped with a modern lettuce cultivation line, approved in the factories of Finland and Estonia. Due to the denser planting of plants, its productivity is higher than the traditional lettuce lines by 1,6 times. In addition, the lettuce cultivation line allows you to change the type of grown lettuce and adapt to market requirements by releasing new products.