Organic lettuces, cucumbers and tomatoes

Kruglyj God, LLC is a high-tech greenhouse complex specializing in year-round vegetable and lettuce production.

The greenhouse complex area is 7,01 ha. Where:

  • 4 ha - greenhouses for cucumber cultivation
  • 2 ha- greenhouses for tomato cultivation
  • 1 ha - greenhouses for lettuce cultivation

Currently the complex produces 6 998 tons of products annually.

Number of jobs: 120

The greenhouse complex Kruglyj God LLC has introduced advanced high technologies of year-round vegetable cultivation in protected ground. Similar technologies have been successfully tried out in Finland and other Nordic countries over the past 5 years.

The main technology concept is the so-called low-volume growing practice by means of high-power assimilation supplementary lighting.

Currently, we have started construction of the second phase of the greenhouse complex Kruglyj God with the total area of 5,38 ha, where we will cultivate lettuce - 3 ha, tomato - 2,38 ha.

Area: 5,5 ha of year-round greenhouses

Commissioning: 2th quarter 2022

Number of created jobs: 96

Production volume:

  • 919 tons of lettuce annually
  • 1 956 tons of vegetables annually

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Our history

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The core team has been working at the enterprise since the commissioning


Refusal from chemicals in favor of biological method of plant protection


Meeting requirements of fresh vegetables in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region